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Sermons 2000

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December 12, 1999
Heading into the Dark
Rev. Kerry Mueller
It is no accident that many religions recognize the importance of the winter solstice. At this dark time of the year, people have always wondered if summer would ever come again, or would this be the year the sun just went away? Come and explore the mystery of the solstice and the mean-ings of light and dark imagery in our lives.
December 5, 1999
Latkes or Hamentaschen
Rev. Kerry Mueller
We will celebrate the beginning of Hannukah as we learn about its origin, and explore the deep human need for story and ritual. Come learn why latkes are the emblematic food of Hannukah.
November 28, 1999
What Kind of Artist Are You?
Rev. Kerry Mueller
There are many kinds of artists at UUCSS, as many as there are people. Some are more skilled than others, but everyone has some art inside, waiting to be set free.
November 7, 1999
Living from Abundance
Rev. Kerry Mueller
How do you see the world: as full of possibilities or as bound by scarcity? What would life be like if we all lived from a sense of abundance? What if generosity were the norm? Come help us launch a hopeful future for our religious community.
October 24, 1999
The Channing Club
Rev. Kerry Mueller
What are we doing to help our youth and young adults deepen their spirituality and grapple with their religious identity during their college years? What more could we be doing? What might all this mean for our future and the future of Unitarian Universalism? Come and help us celebrate CAMPUUS Ministry Day.
October 3, 1999
Lessons from the Church of Baseball
Rev. Kerry Mueller
As Orioles fans shift gears and resign themselves to crying “Wait until next year,” come and see what religious comunities can—and can'tlearn from the national pastime. Plan to stay for lunch and “oots and Wings: Part I” as we explore UUCSS history. The choir will again sing for the service.
October 10, 1999
Who Are We?
Frederick Hayes
Frederick Hayes, a former member of the Joseph Priestley District Board, will speak on the topic of “Who Are We?” This question is specifically chosen as opposed to the question, “Who Am I?” that UUs more traditionally ask. Drawing on theological, spiritual, and sociological perspectives, Fred will inquire into the issue of finding the “We” in a denomination that has always treasured the “I.”
September 19, 1999
Carrying the Cricket Home
Rev. Kerry Mueller
Rev. Kerry Mueller will introduce herself and the five developmental tasks of interim ministry. Come and explore the path that we will take together this year as interim congregation and minister. This service will include a dedication of teachers and of congregation and Kerry to the interim ministry we share. Religious Education Classes will begin. Music will be provided by Waverly Milor and Syl Smith.

Water Communion

September 12, 1999
Wells We Did Not Dig
Rev. Kerry Mueller 

Rev. Kerry Mueller will conduct the annual water ceremony with which we re-gather our religious community after a summer's travels. Bring a small quantity of water, representing your summer's journey, whether it had been geographic or spiritual. This is an intergenerational service. The choir will sing.
April 25, 1999
Following Your Dream
Esther McBride with Roberta Allen, Francisco Acosta, Chris Lihou and Don Grubbs
Martin Luther King had a dream that his people would live in freedom; the Wright brothers dreamed they would fly. But we all have dreams every day, for the world, for our nation, for our communities, our church, our families and ourselves. In this service UUCSS members Roberta Allen, Francisco Acosta, Chris Lihou and Don Grubbs will share some of their dreams and we'll invite members of the congregation to share some of theirs also. Tricia Hanson will sing.
April 4, 1999 
The Sacred Garden
Daisy Grubbs
The word sacred is used here in the sense of that which is worthy of reverence. Daisy will speak of the power of our gardens at UUCSS to enrich our spiritual life.
March 28, 1999 
William Ellery Channing: Reluctant Radical
Rev. John Gaffney
What do you know about the founder of American Unitarianism? What do you know about his times and what led him to form a new religion? Join us as Rev. John Gaffney of the Bowie Unitarian Universalist Fellowship helps us fill in the blanks.
March 14, 1999 
Salvation for My Community
William E. Hartung
Salvation for my community is intimately linked to my own personal salvation. Confession and forgiveness are as relevant to salvation for my community as they are to my own salvation. I'll share my thoughts on how we can accomplish building and sustaining a loving community. Ministry to all is the gift of love. The Green Top Ramblers will sing and play.
February 28, 1999
“‘That I am not as other men’—do we need a feel-good religion?”
Deb Ferrenz
Jesus unfavorably compared a man who prays, “Lord, I thank thee that I am not as other men” with one who prays, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.” The sermon is a talk-back to this passage. The congregation is invited to join in reflecting on self-righteousness, self-esteem, sin—also whether (and how) religion should help us feel good about ourselves.
February 21, 1999
Saving Ourselves: Personal Salvation
William  E. Hartung
I wish to save myself, not from the everlasting hell that Christians think of, but as Rev. Scott Alexander put it, from hell of the here and now, from mediocrity, from giving into my baser impulses. I cannot seek my salvation from some external source, but must create it for myself. Creating salvation for myself includes using those old words like Confession and Forgiveness; but I have put a new interpretation to them that I will share with you.
February 14, 1999
“I do I do”
Rev. Vanessa Southern
This sermon will look at covental relationships and what is required of us within them. In particular we will look at the relationship between life partners, love relationships, and how that may even have implications for our work as a church community and our covenant with a minister.
Febraury 7, 1999
Some Ministry of the Stars
Rev. Meg Riley
When we feel claustrophobic and insanely busy in our small lives, a simple look up into the night sky can bring enormous relief. Why? What does it mean in our lives that we are made of stardust? Reflections on time, space, and the ministry of the night sky.
January 31, 1999
Costly Ideals
Larry Ingraham
As I age I find living my ideals is becoming more difficult, more costly in psychological terms. In this talk I consider the roles I want my spiritual community to play in helping me combat sloth, greed, and fear—the leading impediments to my walking my talk.
January 24, 1999 
Life After God: An Atheist's Religion 
Homilist: Mark Hertzog
Readings led by UUCSS Freethinkers' Forum
“Who are you to say there is no God?” “How can you have a religion without God—isn't that an oxymoron?” These are just two of the questions frequently asked of non-theists, to be addressed in this sermon on why atheism makes sense to many people, and on what it means to have a naturalistic religion without resort to dogma, mysticism, or the supernatural. Response time will be provided after the sermon at both services—so get ready for a lively and edifying Sunday morning!
January 17, 1999
Rivers: Mirrors of Our Lives
Anne Blackburn
The majesty and mystery of rivers have awed many cultures over time. Anne, who worked with rivers from Virginia to Maine for over 20 years, will speak about these tireless servants, and about how they often reflect the phases and stages of our own lives.
December 27, 1998
Slowing Down to the Speed of Life
Jo Paoletti
The Voluntary Simplicity movement is not only about frugality, earth-conscious consumption and fewer possessions. At it roots, it is about simplifying our daily lives in order to savor them. Jo will talk about mental habits that complicate or simplify our lives. The service includes a guided meditation and an opportunity to share our visions for a more “savory” 1999.